Mature Dogs Available



Great care is taken to ensure the perfect fit when rehoming an older dog. We pride ourselves that our past placements have worked out exceptionally well and we will not accept anything less for the future of our dogs. If you feel you are interested in this dog, please contact me via email to discuss him and when he will be available as well as any costs that will be incurred.




Prices are not negotiable. Prices include up to date vet checks, registration paperwork and desexing.  Any travel costs are payable by the new owner. Contact me by email for more details about this dog and if you may be the right home for him.

Dogs are fed a natural/raw diet and have not had any vet issues regarding health.

vWD clear, sound and healthy. Expect a loyal loving pet for a long time to be a part of your family.

Why an older dog?  Leash trained, well travelled, calm, housetrained, and quiet.

Will they bond with a new family?  This breed is well known for adapting to change and all the adults that I have placed over the years have fit into their new homes with ease.



Contact Details

Liisa Kersevani
Bluewater, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0418193542
Email : [email protected]