Angelsun/DemonMoon is proud of their achievements in the world of competitive dog sports. Special thanks to those owners and handlers that have taken some of these dogs as their own and brought out the best in them. Watch here for more additions to this honour role.                                          

 To date (June 2019), we have 6 Manchesters with 12 individual titles total. We have 34 German Pinschers with 65 individual titles total, and 2 Chinese Cresteds with 2 individual titles.

These are all dogs bred under either DemonMoon or Angelsun prefix.


Aust. Ch. Angelsun Spreading Secrets                                                 ~TANK~

Aust Ch. Angelsun Powerful Two Point O                                             ~RIPPLE~

Aust Ch. Angelsun Red Power ToKayem                                         ~BLUEY~

Aust Ch. Angelsun Power Pack                                                            ~YOSSI~

Aust Ch. Angelsun The Power Of One                                               ~KENYA~

Aust. Ch. Angelsun All Fired Up                                                         ~STORM~

Aust. Ch. Angelsun Secret Whispers                                               ~WHISPER~

Aust.Ch.Angelsun Great Balls of Fire                                              ~DOUGIE~

Aust. Ch. Angelsun Into The Fire                                                      ~NASH~

Aust.Ch.Angelsun Celestial                                                                                         ~THYME~

Aust. Ch/NGrCh. Angelsun Have You Heard                                   ~RUMOUR~

Aust Ch. Angelsun Continuum                                                          ~Q~

Aust Ch. Angelsun Let Me Tell You                                                 ~GOSSIP~

Aust Ch. Angelsun Live Long N Prosper                                      ~OREO~

Sp  Ch. Angelsun Look At Me                                                          ~LULU ~

Jp Ch. Angelsun Let Me Be The One                                            ~ANGEL~

Aust.Ch.Angelsun Celestial Bliss                                                  ~BLISS~

Aust GR Ch.Angelsun Celestial Galax                                        ~GEORDIE~  

Aust Ch.Angelsun Mine All Mine                                                  ~M~

  Angelsun Echo In The Myst CD, RN, AmRA, AmCD            ~ECHO~

  Can Ch.Angelsun Mystery Tour                                                  ~XAVIER~

   Can Ch.Angelsun Oakwood True Grit                                     ~DUKE~

   Am/Int*Ch.Angelsun Attract Attention                                 ~BAHN~

    Can Ch. Angelsun Intense Attraction PCD, RN CGN       ~RIKER~

    Can Ch. Angelsun Star Attraction                                           ~CELINE~

     Can Ch.Angelsun Its All About Me TT  RN                          ~TURBO~

    Can/Am/Int/Lux/Esp/Por/Gib/Mon/Fra Ch.Angelsun Excalibur  ~BLADE~

    AmGrCh.Angelsun Reisenable Dream                                       ~KYLIE~

    Angelsun Eminently Reisenable CD, RN,Am RE,CGN             ~EMMA~

    Am/CFC/Can Ch.Angelsun Aint No Illusion                               ~TRUE~

    Can Ch.Angelsun Mystical Illusion CD, RA, CGN                     ~MYSTI~

    Am/CFC/Can Ch.Illusions Oakwood V Angelsun                     ~MIRAGE~  

    Am/Can Ch.Angelsun Oakwood Aint It Grand                         ~REIGN~

    Can/CFC/SuCh.Angelsun Grand Attraction                             ~VEGAS~

    Can Ch.Angelsun Leviathon                                                            ~MOYA~

     Can Ch.Angelsun Diamondriver Delvian                                 ~DIVA~



             DemonMoon BWitched N BWilderd RE, CD, CGN           ~JAZZY~

               Am Ch.Demonmoons Khamir II Inverness                         ~KHAMIR~

               Am/Can Ch.Demonmoon Knockout Punch                        ~KAYO~

               Can Ch.Demonmoons Turning Point                                    ~MYLES~

               Am Ch.Demonmoon Sympatico                                              ~PATTI~

               Am/Can Ch.Demonmoon Black Star                                     ~NOVA~


These are titled dogs that although we did not breed, were titled while in my care. We are very proud of their accomplishments.  

Am/Can Ch.Moonshadows Precious Journey CGN,CD,RE,Am RA       ~JOURNEY~                             

                             Am/Can Ch.Kedwell’s Eine Reise Mache CGN                                               ~REISE~

                             Am/Can Ch.Bit O Luck DemonMoons Mystic                                                ~MISTY~

                             Am/Can Ch. Bit O Luck DemonMoons Encore                                              ~DEVON~

                             Am/Can Ch.Wilane’s Kiss N Tell                                                                         ~KT~

                             Can Ch.Moonshadows Jasmine                                                                          ~JAZZ~

                             Can Ch.Wilane’s Rhthym Of DemonMoon                                                     ~TEMPO~

                             Aust Ch.Kaitler Grand Illusion TD,CGN                                                         ~ELLY~

                             Aust/Am/Can Ch.Kaitler Sir Costly Dollar                                                    ~CASH~

                             Am/Can/CFC/Aust GrCh.Kaitler Mastermind                                            ~KAISER~

                             Am/CFC/Can/Aust GrCh.Nellinda Hangzhou                                             ~BRONSON~

                             Aust Ch/Neut Ch.Masterkarn Backnblack                                                   ~ANGEL~

                             Aust Ch.Beebronx Celestial Angelsun                                                           ~LUNA~

                               Aust Ch. Nch. Edit Can-Can Dolcea Dea Apriori (Imp Ukr)                             ~DITTA~

                              Can/Aust Ch.Nch. Ufouea Sun Fire Girl (Imp Can)                                            ~ANGIE~

                               Aust Ch.Ertae Aint No Rudie Nudie                                                                ~TWIGGY~



*Denotes North American FCI style shows and title only


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